How to ensure your blog is optimized for search engines?

The vast majority of people who have a blog agree on one thing. That is doing all they can to attract as many visitors to their site as possible. After all, it is the best way to make sure others read and see any messages blog owners are trying to convey. In case they are attempting to sell or promote a product or services, then natural traffic is essential, which is why most top website hosting platforms charge extra for features that help people attract visitors. The truth is that if you own a blog or website and don’t optimize your content, you are losing out. Making your content as search friendly as possible is crucial.

The problem is that too many people ignore this at their peril. Statistics show that more than 66 percent of blog owners don’t do basic things such as update them annually. That alone can end up causing them to lose tons of new visitors from search engines. By optimizing your site and content, you can end up reaping the benefits right away.

Focus On Keywords

No matter what you are trying to sell or promote, you need the right kind of keywords used. They are the most important part of any site, not just a blog. It is through keywords that people will find what your site or content is all about. Still, there are several things to consider when it comes to using keywords. Too many of them are way too competitive and therefore make your chances of ranking for them almost impossible. The best option is finding the right keyword which does not have as much competition. While they may not bring you the same number of visitors, the ROI will be higher. It is not about obtaining the most traffic, but rather, one that you can monetize from.

Use Your Links Correctly

A common mistake bloggers make is not correctly linking the content they post. For example, if they use an article or mention another blog, they don’t include a link for it. Besides being the proper protocol, it is also a way to get links back to your site. Of course, that is crucial for helping your website rank higher in search engines.

Make Use of Site Submission and Blog Directories

One-way links are essential and generally come through blog directories submissions. Using both site submission and blog directories is very important. Both will ensure that you get placed by search engines based on your keywords.

Add Subscription Options For Your Readers

Feed subscription or RSS buttons – as they are also known – should be included in every blog. Doing so will enable all your readers to subscribe to your blog. As they submit their emails, they will be notified immediately each time you post something new on your site.

Implement SEO Techniques

Most blog posts have images, titles, headings, and subheadings. If yours do not, then you are not implementing proper SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. For instance, adding keywords to any images you insert in the post, is an added way to get more juice from them. In many cases, search engines will include your pictures on their search results based on those keywords. The same for titles, headings, and subheadings. They are all essential for SEO and overall ranking.